Frequently Asked Questions - Gutter Cleaning

Remember, a clogged gutter is worse than having no gutter at all!

How do you clean gutters?

We will arrive at your home prompt and prepared to start working, using our own ladders, hoses and disposal bags.

Step 1:  All debris will be removed from gutters and roof valleys.

We will inspect the entire roof, then clean and remove the debris from all gutters & roof valleys. Debris will be bagged and removed from your property by us unless you specify otherwise (some customers will let us use their

compost bins or wooded areas adjacent to their property).

Step # 2:  All gutters and down spouts will be flushed to ensure proper drainage.

We will attach our hoses to your exterior water faucet(s). All gutters and down spouts will be flushed using our hoses

and power nozzles. Gutters will be sprayed so that nothing is left behind to obstruct them. Down spouts are checked

and tested to make sure that they are flowing 100% and are free from obstructions. If water is not accessible,

we will use air pressure (200mph +) to check the proper flow of the gutters and down spouts.

During the cleaning process, if we notice any concerns that we feel you may need to know about, we will speak

with you, or if you are not available, we will leave a note on your invoice.  


When should I have my gutters cleaned?
As soon as possible if they haven't been maintained in a while. We recommend cleaning gutters at least twice

a year. Typically, the first maintenance cleaning should be performed in early spring. That time frame is from

April through May. Trees will start budding and shedding their seedlings during these months.

When spring rain arrives, these seedlings can definitely become an concern your gutter system flowing properly.

When gutters become full of debris, rain water will push these seedlings to the lowest point of the system. This

will eventually result in clogged gutters and down spouts. Without proper maintenance, debris will become heavy and

begin to weaken the gutter system. Gutter spikes and support hangers can become loose, gutter joints can

become leaky, fascia wood behind the gutters, can become soft and begin to deteriorate & rot.


What is the purpose of a gutter system? Why do I need gutters?
The purpose of your homes' gutter system is to carry rain water away from the foundation.

Many problems can occur if rain water isn't draining away from the home properly. When water is overflowing

near the foundation, this will keep the soil close to the foundation moist. Wet foundations create the ideal conditions

for black mold growth, foundation cracks from freeze and thaw cycles, termite infestations, mosquitoes (carriers of

the Zika and West Nile viruses) and flooding issues. Other problems can develop at the roof edge such as interior wall and

ceiling damage, fascia wood rot, icicle formation at the edge of the shingle (causing damage and premature wear to

the shingles) and ice dams. Gutters that are obstructed during the winter months can also create slippery and

unsafe frozen conditions on sidewalks and driveways.


How much does it cost to have gutters cleaned?
Depending on if they have been maintained at least once a year, we generally charge anywhere from $100.00-

$140.00 for single level ranch style homes and $160.00 -$350.00 for 2 story and larger, more complex homes.

Keep in mind that not all properties are alike. Please call for an exact quote of your home. If it is a gated home

or development, we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet you to and establish a price quote.


How do I pay for gutter cleaning services? 
Upon completion of our services, you can pay at the time of completion or an invoice will be left with

you or in your mailbox at the time of service. Payment can be made using cash, check, or credit card.

  • Checks can be mailed to our billing address listed at the lower left bottom portion of your invoice. Please list the

         invoice number in the memo portion of your check to ensure proper credit to your account.

  • If making a payment online with a credit card, you may do so on this website by clicking our  "MAKE ONLINE SECURE PAYMENT" portal at the bottom of this page.

  • You may also send us a credit card payment through the mail. Fill in the "PLEASE BILL MY" credit card portion located at the bottom right corner of your invoice. We also accept credit card payments over the phone during normal business hours.  We do ask that your payment be remitted for the full balance within 15 days of service.


How long does a gutter cleaning take?

There are several factors to take into consideration when cleaning gutters. There is no set time for a job to be done

since there are many different styles of properties and situations to consider when cleaning gutters. Generally, ranch homes can take between 1 to 1.50 hours to complete. Larger homes can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to complete on average.


How long before someone arrives to clean my gutters?

We know that an over flowing gutter system can be a serious situation. We do our best to arrive as soon as we can to

service you. For emergency situations (interior flooding for example), we do our best to accommodate you as quickly

as possible. If it is a routine maintenance cleaning, we can usually service your gutters within a week or two.

Please keep in mind that sometimes the weather does not cooperate with us. Safety is always our first concern, therefore,

we do not subject our crews to dangerous weather conditions such as heavy winds above 25 mph, lightening, torrential downpours, and outside temperatures below 25 degrees. If these conditions are in the forecast, it may delay service.


Why should I hire someone to clean my gutters?
You should hire someone (assuming that person or company you hire is insured and carry Workers Compensation)

that is experienced to clean your gutters for many reasons. First off, we are professionals who perform this type of service every day. We can do it effectively, safely and more efficiently with our professional equipment. Secondly, with our experience, we may notice issues with gutters, drip edges, seamed joints, shingle damage, etc, that you may not be aware of. Thirdly, we are experienced in lifting, climbing, and working on ladders at great heights.  All employees' are extensively trained in the proper safety requirements and follow standards set by OSHA. We are fully insured, and every employee is covered under Ohio Workers' Compensation should a job-site injury occur.  


How do I get quote for gutter cleaning?

Getting a quote is non intrusive, simple, and hassle-free. We offer two options for receiving a quote from us.

You may call our friendly staff  at 937-454-9222 during normal business hours, or you may submit an online quote request by clicking the "Get A Quote" button below. We look forward to serving you!


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