Our window and gutter cleaning crews are made up of honest, hard working, enthusiastic professionals. They understand the true meaning of providing excellent customer service and communication to our clients. They are all outgoing customer service professionals that can anticipate what the customer requires to be completely satisfied.


All of our uniformed crews leave from our facility in Dayton, Ohio in company marked vehicles with the knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to get the job done safely and with amazing results. They travel all over the Dayton area within a 30 mile radius to service our valued clients' window and gutter cleaning needs.


Our crews work between 40-50 hours a week and overtime is usually available. Employees earn anywhere between $450.00 - $800.00 per week depending on your willingness and how well you learn our systems. Working for Superior also means much more than just receiving a paycheck. As an employee of Superior, you will actually brighten every customers' day with sparkling clean windows or eleviate the stress of having to risk their own personal safety cleaning their own gutters. You will be performing a service that people really do not like to do or do not have the time to do. Most are extremely grateful to have us service their property.


You’ll develop friendship bonds with your coworkers that can continue to grow even if you move onto a new career path. You will work for a management team that encourages and supports its' staff to better themselves however they feel they need to. 







A Career At Superior

At Superior Window & Gutter Cleaning, we strive to inform and educate each applicant of the many aspects of the

job and requirements of working for our company. Our goal is to inform applicants of the job descriptions and what

we expect from them on a daily basis. We have assembled this summary to give you a better idea of what is expected

of our employees and what you can expect from our company. After reading this summary, if you feel like this is the

kind of workplace you would like to be part of and proud to represent, please continue with the application process. If this opportunity does not sound like something you do not want to be a part of, thank you for considering our company

and good luck in your continued career search.

Basic job duties and requirements of the job

    What you must be able to:

  • Stand on feet for long periods of time.

  • Do repetitive motion with hands, wrist and arms.

  • Work with arms above head.

  • Bend and squat to ground level.

  • Move and transport 5 gallon buckets up and down ladders.

  • Perform work in outdoor temperatures ranging from 0 to 100 degrees.

  • Unload, lift, set up, climb ladders, up to 32 feet.

  • Present a valid driver’s license.

  • Be insured by our auto insurance company (good driving record).

  • Interact with our clients on a daily basis with professionalism.

  • Follow job directions and write legibly.

  • Take pride in your work and providing quality service each and every day.

  • Wear a company uniform and apparel.

  • Be self-motivated and accept responsibility for working independently.

  • Follow safety procedures in all aspects of the job.

  • Work Saturday's when needed to keep up with service demand.

  • Be drug free and able to pass (random) drug testing before and during your course of employment.

  • Able to pass a local, state, and federal background check.

Our grooming/appearance policy and standards

Along with doing a quality job, the appearance of our employees is a crucial part of our public image. Our customers have certain expectations of what they are paying for. With these expectations and an image to uphold, first impressions are everything. Good grooming is a very important aspect of our image. A respectable image along with a positive attitude,

a pleasant personality, and a clean uniform help make the customer comfortable with the person performing the service on their property.

 Tattoos: Must be adequately covered by our uniform. Our company uniform consists of a short sleeve shirt and tan colored pants or shorts. We do not allow our employees to wear long sleeve shirts during the summer months due to the health and safety risk of heat exhaustion.

 Piercing of the skin: We do not allow our employees to wear piercings while they are performing work on company time. This policy includes piercing of the face (Examples are: tongue, eyebrows, nose and earlobes).

Personal hygiene: Employees are expected to start work with a clean uniform, a shower with deodorant, and clean shaven every day. This is non-negotiable and absolutely required to be accepted into a clients home or business.


We have a smoke-free office and do not allow smoking on the job. If you can’t stop smoking (suggested), there are opportunities between jobs or during a break that you may smoke.  This is non-negotiable and absolutely required to be accepted into a clients home or business.

Background checks and drug testing

As stated earlier, our customers deserve to be comfortable with who they have chosen to provide service for them. Superior Window & Gutter Cleaning wants to be confident in the employees it sends into someone’s home. Our employees do not have criminal backgrounds and are not under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. For these reasons, employment is contingent upon passing a background check and a drug test. We also reserve the right to conduct random background checks and drug tests throughout the course of employment. This is non-negotiable and absolutely required to be employed by our company.

Compensation - How we pay our employee's

Our current pay system is a “Performance-Based” pay system (excluding office personnel). Employees are paid a generous percentage of each job that is completed to the 100% satisfaction of our clients. A typical hourly wage can range between $11.00(beginner) to $25.00 (seasoned employee) per hour depending on how quickly you are at learning our system.


If all of this sounds good to you, click on the "Submit Application Here" button below and proceed to the Pre Application.

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