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Window Cleaning

We can all agree, there's nothing like the view that a clean window provides.  At Superior, we clean glass surfaces the traditional way.  With professional tools and solutions.


We offer minor gutter repair options such as tightening loose gutter hangers and spikes.  If not repaired, this issue will cause sagging and will add stress to the gutter joints and fascia. Water from the roof can travel behind the gutter causing interior and exterior water damage.


Screen Cleaning

Window screens really take a beating. They’re constantly exposed to wind, rain, dirt, pollen and insects. Add the extra curb appeal to your home by having us clean your screens. A screen that is free from dirt will keep your windows clean longer too.

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We proudly install the Shurflo Gutter Protection System. Shurflo gutter covers are low maintenance, and are  installed to your existing gutter. It is a very affordable system compared to other comparable guards on the market.  It has shown to be very effective in keeping leaves, sticks, and pine needles from entering the system and causing clogs.


Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning crews work in unison to ensure that the debris in the gutter system is removed and disposed of before it enters the downspout. This will prevent clogged downspouts & drainage tubes.

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Leaky gutter joints can cause major damage to your fascia wood, soffit and in between interior walls.  If not repaired, wood will become soft and begin to deteriorate.  This issue can often be prevented by having us seal them with professional grade sealant specifically designed for gutter repair.

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