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By Steve Howell - Business Owner and Founder

When I founded Superior Window & Gutter Cleaning back in 1990, our industry was filled with window cleaning companies that treated their employees poorly and their customers unethically. My vision was to build a company that operates with honesty and integrity while putting the well-being of the customer and employee at the forefront.  By adhering to these values, we have built thousands of great relationships over the years, and have been able to retain thousands of repeat customers, as well as a professional staff that puts the needs of our clients first, each and every day.


For our customers, our #1 goal is:

Customer service and the complete customer satisfaction experience. Superior is a customer satisfaction driven company that professionally cleans windows and gutters along with installation of premium gutter protection. We measure our success by:

1). Our outstanding customer retention rate (repeat customers).

2). The many referrals that we receive by our customer's.

3). Feedback from our dealings with our customer's.

4). Online review sites that rate the quality and service that we provide to the public.


We don't participate in "hard sales tactics”. 

Our goal is to educate our clients and to provide as many options as possible in order to satisfy the clients' needs and budget. You will never hear “What can we do to close this sale today?"


We offer our best price up front. 

It is common in this industry for some companies to give an estimate that is inflated in price. The estimator will realize that the sale is going to fall through so they start working down the price. Similarity, and more disingenuously, some companies will follow up via telephone after a day or two to offer a discount.  The phone offer will mention some “new discount" that the job estimator wasn’t authorized to offer at the time. We have always felt that treating a customer in this manner, sends a message that a company lacks honesty and integrity. Our main focus is on building a relationship of trust and quality service with our customers and not resorting to these shady unfair tactics. You will always receive a detailed quotation with our best price up front at the time of the visit. 


High quality results. Fair and honest pricing EVERY SINGLE TIME.

If you've been on this planet for any amount of time, you've most likely have come to the realization that  "A cheap job isn't good, and a good job isn't cheap". Whether you've bought a product or used a service, spending your hard earned money and going with a low price, (and most of the time, an inferior product or service) usually doesn't always live up to your expectations. Cheaper products and services usually fall short of delivering the results that they advertise or promise. In the window and gutter cleaning business, it is no different. Some company's will undercut the competition with a below market pricing strategy to get your business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these companies that believe they can survive on "volume pricing".  Volume pricing is when a company prices their services very low to get your business. They try to get a good portion of the market share by building a customer base with very low profit margins, hoping to turn a profit somewhere down the road. Back in the 1990's, billion dollar corporations switched to volume pricing structures and virtually went out of business over night. Unfortunately for us, this strategy is common in the window and gutter cleaning industry. Not only in our community, but nationwide. Some local and franchise cleaning companies who practice volume pricing methods, barely keep good help and the doors open for business. They often resort to hiring subcontractors, inexperienced laborers, and will cut corners to make ends meet. After all, as they say, "time is money".


We have a 100% employee workforce. We don't use subcontractors.

As with most businesses that provide services, labor is by far the largest portion of any job cost. In order to shave costs, some businesses will choose to use an all-subcontractor workforce. This allows them to avoid paying payroll taxes, Workers' Compensation and Liability Insurance on their crews. This is very risky when you are performing a service that requires working from heights.

Now, all subcontractors are required by law to carry insurance, but many do not. There are businesses that hire subcontractors who don't carry liability insurance. Since liability insurance is expensive, some subcontractors will risk not paying the premiums and letting their coverage lapse or avoid carrying insurance coverage altogether. If something goes wrong, like property damage or shoddy workmanship for instance, the liability can and will most likely fall back on you as the client/consumer. 


We carry Ohio Workers' Compensation Insurance. 

Hiring ANY contractor without Workers' Compensation could mean disaster if the worker becomes injured on your property.

Most clients aren’t aware that their homeowners insurance policy doesn’t protect them from damages awarded from workplace injuries. In our everyday operations, Superior believes that it is unethical to subject our client to the risk of lawsuit and bankruptcy as a consequence of trusting us with their business. Before hiring ANY service contractor to perform services on your home, always ask for a copy of their company's Workers' Compensation Certificate prior to the start of any project. 


We are bonded.  

Being bonded means that a bonding company has extensively investigated the background of an employee and deems them trustworthy to insure. In general, this is done when an employee has to handle large amounts of money or handle valuable property like jewelry or art. We feel that by having all of our employees' bonded, it sends a message to our clients that we have taken the appropriate measures to ensure that we have hired an honest,

respectable staff, that is trustworthy to have in their home and around their property. 


We are fully insured.

We carry a 2 million dollar General Liability Insurance policy for your protection. We also carry additional coverage (Care, Custody and Control) which covers what we are working on. As a safe guard, you should always ask for a copy of  the Contractors' General Liability Policy prior to the start of ANY project on your home or business. Take an additional step and contact their insurance company that is listed, to confirm that they are insured. By contacting the contractors insurance carrier, this will give you the peace of mind in knowing that the policy

is in force in the event that a claim needs to be filed.

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