Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule services for my home?

Scheduling can be done by simply calling our office or by email. You can also communicate with us through the Contact Us form on this website.

How quickly can I expect to receive my quote after submission?

We try our best to provide a written or an emailed quotation within 2-3 days from submission or contact with our office.

Will I need to be home to receive a quote?

A: Not usually. We quote the majority of our work (over 90%) from the exterior of the property. As long as we have permission to be on your property and have access to all sides of your home (for example: unlocked gates ). On occassion, we may need access inside to quote other services such as chandelier cleaning and ceiling fan cleaning.

Are you insured and bonded?

Absolutely. We are bonded and fully insured for your protection. We carry a 2 million general liabilty policy that covers personal property while we are performing work on your home. We provide all copies of our insurance documents with all quotes. We keep updated copies in our office at all times. Need a copy? Just ask. We can mail it to you (USPS) or send a PDF copy via email.

Are your worker's employee's or subcontractors?

We do not use outside contractors to perform work for us. All employee's are insured by our liability insurance, bonded, and are covered by the State Of Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Fund as required by Ohio State law.

Do I need to move anything prior to having my interior windows cleaned?

It depends. Our service techs work in teams of two so its not much of an issue. We do ask that items such as small knick knacks be removed away from the sills and ledges. This will help reduce liability in possible breakage and aid in speeding up the cleaning process. If an item is too heavy to move for our technicians, we will prorate the price accordingly to the amount of glass not cleaned. We ask that you inform our technicians of pre existing issues such as windows that dont open or wont stay up, blinds that wont raise or lower etc.

What if rain is forecasted on the day you're coming to do the windows?

Our office staff will call the day before (if predicted to be 100% precipitation on the following day) or the morning of. We will leave it up to you to make the call as to whether or not you want us to come. The office manager will go over rescheduling options for you during the call. As an option, when large amounts of rain are predicted for the day, we will often keep the appointment and just clean just the interior of the glass. The exterior windows can be rescheduled on the next available date that we have open.

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

Absolutely. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. After processing is completed, we can email a reciept to you confirming that your balance was paid in full.

My windows have film tint on them. Will your cleaning solutions void my warranty or cause damage?

No. We do not use harsh cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solution is a mild detergent that is ammonia and alcohol free as well as environmentally safe to use around humans and pets.

Will you lean ladders against my gutters to clean them?

No. Not only is this practice very unsafe, it could also damage the gutter face by scratching the painted finish or bending and or denting it. Our ladders are equipped with an attachment (stabilizer) that rests on the roof and not the gutter. The stabilizer is padded with heavy duty bumpers on both ends to avoid damage to the roof surface. It also provides stability (3 points of contact) for a secure, stable, ladder to work from.

Do you clean windows with poles from the ground?

Thats a definite no. We use only professional grade squeegees, cleaning solutions and specialized ladders with automatic levelers to safely clean glass on uneven terrain. We have always felt that by cleaning at eye level, produces a far more of a superior job. Not only in cleaning results, but in detailing as well.

What is the process for cleaning window screens?

We have two different systems for cleaning screens. See below: Exterior mounted screens (typically double-hung windows) are removed, scrubbed by hand, rinsed and stacked to dry. Interior mounted screens (typically casement windows) are cleaned in place using a rejuvenating cleaner.

Do you follow Covid-19 safety guidelines?

Since our gradual reopening in May of 2020, we have been closely monitoring and strictly following the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC. Our number one concern is the safety of our clients, staff, and the citizens of the communities we live and work in. Whether we are meeting with a client for an onsite quotation, or working on the inside of their home, our estimator's and service technicians will always wear masks that cover the nose and mouth at all times.

Can I have just a few windows cleaned?

Yes. We can clean any amount of glass that you need done. Keep in mind that we do have a $125 minimum charge ($125.00 worth of work). This minimum pays for fuel, wages, and our overhead associated with running the business.

Do you clean storm windows?

Yes. We are experienced and familiar with all types of storm windows, from triple track storms to the latest designs by Pella.

Do you clean window tracks and sills?

Our sill cleaning includes the bottom ledge (flat surface) at the bottom of the window sash. Recessed groves that are difficult to wipe are not included. Our technicians will do a general cleaning of the sill using a window cleaning towel. We have found that our clients are pleased with the outcome of this service.

Why don't you offer track cleaning?

We have found that track cleaning can be a very labor intensive service. Tracks that have been negelected for years are difficult to clean and take a good portion of our time during the service visit.

My gutters have nails that are loose. Can you tighten them when you clean?

Yes. We offer a "Gutter Tuneup" with all gutter cleaning services. The tuneup includes the tightening of all existing gutter spikes and hangers as needed. If we notice that additional hangers my be required, we will inform you of the cost to add additional parts.

I have skylights that are very high. How do you clean them?

Our service vehicles transport all sizes and types of ladders to the site. We can easily access interior or exterior skylights up to 3 stories. All ladders are padded to prevent damage to painted surfaces. We also use rubber mats and drop cloths to protect flooring such as carpet, wood and ceramic.

Do you offer complete gutter replacement?

At this time, we only offer minor gutter repair. Minor gutter repair consists of tightening existing spikes and hangers, installation of new hangers, seam sealing leaking gutter joints, reattaching existing downspouts and installing new downspout straps.